The Time We Found A Snow Cone Machine

We like scouring yard sales for things we never knew we wanted until we saw them. To be technical, Doug likes going to yard sales for fun; I much prefer to search for cameras and props for photo shoots. On Saturday, Doug had a day off from work so we decided to go for a drive and see what we could find. It was our lucky day!

Among other things, we found a Stratocaster Rock Band controller for our Xbox, a 110 film camera and a DIY home renovations book. But I think what I was most excited about is the ‘vintage’ snow cone machine I found. I had previously been eying it at Bed, Bath and Beyond but I couldn’t justify buying it for $30. I got it for $3. Not to be outdone, Doug decided to buy a turquoise cake pop maker from the same family.

Yard Sale Snow Cone Maker and Stratocaster Rock Band Xbox Control

What you’re looking at now is $16 well spent. Plus now, we can start a story with “remember the time we found that snow cone machine?”


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